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Winter Weather | Electric Help | Westchester Electrician

Winter Weather | Electric Help | Westchester Electrician

Here is some winter electrical tips from a Westchester Electrician. ¬†With winter and the cold weather creeping in fast, more and more snow is falling. Sometimes people get power outages and their heaters, appliances, etc. won’t function from a lack of electricity. Most people don’t know how to keep their houses warm and prepare themselves for power outages. Here are some tips to prepare for winter power-outages.

1. Check flashlights and battery-powered portable radios to ensure that they are working, and you have extra batteries. A radio is an important source of weather and emergency information during a storm.

2.Have sufficient heating fuel, as regular sources may be cut off. Have emergency heating equipment and fuel (a gas fireplace, wood burning stove or fireplace) so you can keep at least one room livable. Be sure the room is well ventilated.

3.Make sure your home is properly insulated. Caulk and weather-strip doors and windows to keep cold air out even when your heater is running, you’ll save more money by using less heat.

4. Be extra cautious if you go outside to inspect for damage after a storm. Downed or hanging electrical wires can be hidden by snowdrifts, trees or debris, and could be live. Never attempt to touch or moved downed lines. Keep children and pets away from them.

5. Do not touch anything power lines are touching, such as tree branches or fences. Always assume a downed line is a live line. Call your utility company or Effective Electric to report and try and fix any outage-related problem.

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