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Winter Electrical Safety Tips in Westchester NY

Winter Electrical Safety Tips in Westchester NY

When the temperature starts to get really cold, many people turn to additional heating sources to try and stay warm, such as portable space heaters and electric blankets. Although electrical heating elements seem to be effective in relieving the chill and keeping us warm and comfortable, their use can become dangerous if proper electrical safety measures are not followed. Electricians at Effective Electric want you to have a safe and warm winter following these electrical safety tips if you live in Westchester, NY.

Because a portable electrical heater can get extremely hot, always keep what you can, especially flammable items away from it.

Always plug your heater or electric blanket directly into an outlet, making sure the plug is not loose in the outlet. This can cause a fire.

Avoid using extension chords or adapters with your portable heaters and electric blankets. Avoid placing them or their chords where they will be bumped into or tripped over. Also, avoid placing chords under rugs, which may cause them to overheat.

Do not get heaters or electric blankets wet or use them in areas that have a lot of moisture, such as bathrooms.

Do not leave a portable heater on when not in use, or unattended when in use. A child or animal may unknowingly touch it and burn themselves.

Electrical blankets are meant for cover and not meant to be slept on. Do not place anything or anyone on top of an electric blanket. It can overheat.

If you live in Westchester, NY and need an electrician to inspect your wiring for safety, or if you want to update your wiring, don’t hesitate to call Effective Electric licensed electrical contractors for a free estimate at 914-737-2651. Have an electrician in Westchester, NY help you to stay safe, warm and cozy without any worries.