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23 Nov, 2022
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When to DIY and When to Call a Professional Electrician

Do you have some electrical projects to tackle? However, you aren’t sure if you can do them yourself. Find out what projects you can handle and which ones require professional help. First, though, let’s compare DIY vs professional electrician.

DIY vs Professional Electrician

If you have dabbled with electrical systems, you qualify as a do-it-yourselfer. You might have basic knowledge. However, you don’t have the education and experience of a licensed electrician. Licensed electricians are trained on various electrical systems and can do a wide range of repairs and installations. They also know building codes and regulations. Plus, they can address and avoid safety issues. Thus, you should use professional electricians for most electrical work.

DIY vs Professional Electrician: What Work Can You Do Yourself?

Still, you can do some work yourself. For instance, you can likely install a ceiling fan, replace an outlet, or change light switches yourself. You can also install a new light fixture. While these are simple projects, you should only attempt them if you know what you’re doing. If you are unsure of how to proceed, you should contact a licensed electrician.

DIY vs Professional Electrician: When to Call a Pro

You should call a professional if you’re doing any extensive electrical work. Also, go with a pro if you’re rewiring an electrical system or working on the breaker box. If you have burnt outlets, you should also contact a professional. It’s not a very difficult repair, but it could be a sign of a bigger electrical problem. In addition, it’s wise to hire an electrician for generator installations and other significant repairs and installations.

These are just examples of times you shouldn’t be comparing DIY vs professional electrician. If you’re out of your element or doing significant electrical work, go with a pro. Then, you can get the project completed correctly. Also, the electrician will ensure that all safety hazards are addressed.

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