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What Size Generator Does My House Need?

What Size Generator Does My House Need?

Installing a generator in your house can be a great way to prepare yourself for inclement weather this winter. Often in the northeastern region of the United States, especially in New York we often experience power outages. That means that now is a great time for you to consider purchasing a generator to keep you and your loved ones warm and keep your lights on no matter what the weather throws at you. You may be wondering, “What size generator does my house need?” Effective Electric can help you assess your needs.

Assess Your Needs

Depending on your needs, a specific amount of power may be required for your generator. If you are planning to power your entire household with a generator, you will definitely require a good bit of energy. More than you would if you are only looking to keep your refrigerator running along with the lights. Maybe you’re simply considering a portable generator for special projects. Whatever you need, Effective Electric has you covered.

For Household Use

When considering, “What size generator does my house need?” The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you are on well water or city water. Houses with a well water supply require generators with higher energy output. This means a generator 3800 watts of above. Any less that, the power supply may fluctuate which can damage the well system. You may then have to call in professionals who can do well pump repair in Redmond, WA (if that’s where you reside) or in your vicinity who can repair the pump. That said, this system demands more energy and your generator needs to be able to supply it. You should also think about what type of energy your stove requires. If it’s a gas stove, you will require less energy than an electric stove for example.

Heating systems are another big consideration. If your home utilizes an electric heater you will need a generator with significantly higher power output (15,000 Watts) than a home heated by gas which may require only as little as 2500 watts. When you combine all these different necessities and when you calculate in the factor of change, it makes sense to get a generator with the capacity to handle whatever your life might realistically require. Even a bit down the road. The professionals at Effective Electric can address your needs and provide you with more information on the size generator your household will require.

Be Prepared

The professionals at Effective Electric are very skilled in installing and maintaining generators. If you have any questions regarding generator installation, repair, electrical storm damage, circuit breaker installation and or an electrician in Westchester County, Northern Westchester, and Fairfield County, CT, call Effective Electric at 914-737-2651. Be prepared for whatever this winter might throw your way!