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Westchester Electrician Removes Ice from Gutters and Pipes

Westchester Electrician Removes Ice from Gutters and Pipes

Our Team at Westchester  Effective Electric knows that ice and snow have been crusting up in your gutters over the last few weeks, and even worse, this cold is making many pipes freeze and burst.  Don’t become a victim of this terrible winter, find out how Gutter Melt Heat Trace products can solve your problems quickly and efficiently. Gutter Melt is ideal for freeze- protection, gutter and downspout de-icing.

The professionals at Effective Electric can help prevent roof damage and leaking by keeping gutters and downspouts flowing even in frigid , below-zero temperatures.

Stop watching this ice ruin your home and call us today – we offer free estimates, so you have nothing to lose but that ice in your gutter!

Effective Electric is a six person team of professional electricians with a reputation so impeccable we regularly service the finest homes and most successful businesses in Westchester County, Putnam County and Fairfield County, CT.

Under the direction of Master Electrician Butch Gilbert, Effective Electrics experienced team provide expert residential and commercial electrical services. Our clientele know us as the friendly, knowledgeable, detail oriented and, well, Effective Electricians.

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