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When To Update Your Electrical System in Mt. Kisco NY

When To Update Your Electrical System in Mt. Kisco NY

Your home doesn’t function without electricity, so you never want to be without it. But when do you know when to update your electrical system? If you don’t keep on top of things, electricity to power lights, appliances and various devices could suddenly become unavailable. You can find yourself temporarily cut off from the outside world, be without heat in the middle of winter, or have your work at home inconveniently interrupted. Even worse, it could be potentially dangerous if there are problems with your electrical system.

An electrical system that is not maintained and up to date could be a fire hazard that could end up hurting your family, ruin valuables or destroy your home. Inspections, repairs and updates to your Mt. Kisco, NY home’s electrical system can be conducted by trained and qualified electricians at Effective Electric. Right now, it’s important that you don’t hesitate, but look for these signs to see if your electrical system might need repair:

Does your circuit breaker keep tripping?
Circuit breakers are designed to automatically cut off power in the event of an overload. This prevents further damage to the system and keeps your home safe. If the circuit breaker keeps tripping you may have damage within the system.

Do you ever have flickering lights?
Flickering lights, possibly caused by frayed wires often mean trouble. This can be a result of wires being brittle and old, or having been damaged by vermin. If your lights flicker during windy or rainy days it could be very serious.

Do you have problem outlets?
Are contacts worn or loose, or do your plugs slip out of the outlets?
Are there loose covers, discoloration, marks of electrical fires or charring on an outlet?
Bad electrical wiring in an outlet can trigger fires.

Are the outlets GFCI outlets? (has two buttons between the plugs)
This helps to protect from electrical shocks.

Do you have older outlets that lack the three-prong grounding?
They might not be able to handle the electrical load of modern equipment.

If you have these problems it’s important to seek help from a qualified and licensed electrical contractor such as Effective Electric. We can restore safety and functionality to your Mt. Kisco home and update your electrical system.

At Effective Electric we’re dedicated to perform quality electrical work to meet your complete satisfaction, and have serviced Westchester County, NY for well over 20 years. Contact us today at 914-737-2651 to make an appointment and get a free estimate for your electrical repairs.