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Tips To Save On Electric Costs This Summer in Westchester NY

Tips To Save On Electric Costs This Summer in Westchester NY

Summer electric bills can be the highest of the year. How can you cut your electric use to save money and help save the planet? Here are a few tips to save on electrical costs this summer, keep your Westchester NY home cooler and use your A/C less.

The first thing to think of when trying to save money on your cooling bill is to make sure you have an energy-efficient air conditioner. You might be eligible for a tax credit (check at www.energystar.gov). When you shop around, look for a unit with a seasonal energy-efficiency ratio of 16 to 21, the highest level of efficiency. Additionally, get it installed by a verified professional or service provider so that it doesn’t face any issues with its performance. You can get it done through an online service provider or through a local one, whichever is more feasible in your vicinity. However, if you choose to hire a HVAC professional from an online firm, the sites like barnespetroleumproducts.com and similar others might prove useful.

Did you know you can save energy by closing your blinds or curtains before leaving for work in the morning? This is because when it’s really hot, and you block the sun’s rays from coming into your home, you minimize adding extra heat to an already warm home. Try it for just a few days and you’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes.

Believe it or not, if you move hot appliances such as televisions and lamps away from your thermostat you might actually be turning your air conditioning on less with a more accurate reading of your room’s temperature. Infact, if you change your lamps lightbulbs with compact fluorescents it not only reduces your electricity bill, but fluorescents generate less heat. (Each bulb can save about $50 over its lifetime!)

You can also save your air conditioner from overworking if you improve your insulation, such as in your attic. When the sun beats on your roof the attic can get quite warm and reach down into the rest of the house.With proper insulation you can prevent the heat from filtering down and keep your house cooler. Also, if your downstairs is not insulated well, the cold air will leak out increasing your A/C use.

Using your microwave or grill instead of the oven to prepare dinner should be an obvious way to keep your house cooler. With a microwave, dinner can be ready in a few minutes instead of an hour, and you will be generating a lot less heat than if you were using your oven!

Cleaning air-conditioning filters every month and getting your system checked by a professional every year will ensure that it’s functioning efficiently. If this is not done, your A/C will not run efficiently and you will make your electric bill higher. Even worse, you could end up spending additional money on fixing or having to buy a new air conditioner. So, get in touch with an HVAC expert to get your AC tune up & maintenance in Port St. Lucie, FL (or wherever you reside) to prevent any such situation.

Using an efficient air conditioner and maintaining it is good practice. You also need to make sure that your outlets, service panels and wiring are upgraded and able to handle all your electrical appliances. Get the capacity to support all of your Westchester NY home’s electrical needs by using the experts at Effective Electric. You can trust any work will be performed by skilled professionals with a reputation for being friendly, knowledgeable and impeccably detailed. Call Effective Electric electricians in Westchester, NY at (914) 737-2651. Save electricity and stay cool this summer!