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Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Wiring in Westchester, NY

Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Wiring in Westchester, NY

Swimming pools are a great way to beat the heat during these warm summer months. Everyone loves to relax in either a beautiful swimming pool or a hot tub. If you have just gone out and made one of these wonderful purchases, there is some important information to know! Before you go on to host your backyard barbecue, you will want to be certain that your new swimming pool or hot tub is wired correctly. At Effective Electric that’s exactly what we specialize in. Swimming pool and hot tub wiring in Westchester, NY. When installed incorrectly, wiring for these types of projects can lead to a dangerous situation!

Safety First

Westchester NY PoolsSwimming pools and hot tubs make for paramount summer fun with friends and family. However, nobody will be having fun if something goes wrong related to electric and water! Strict rules and words of precaution are in place to ensure quality electric wiring. The idea is to prevent serious injury or even death in your swimming pool or hot tub. Aside from having permission to get a permit for your pool or hot tub, there are also regulations for the wiring of your project. Bonding important metallic components in the general vicinity of your pool are important. Eliminating voltage within the usable area of the pool or hot tub is a large concern for the well-being of those who are invited to your pool or hot tub, as well as yourself. Don’t take chances with high voltage, contact Effective Electric for swimming pool and hot tub wiring in Westchester, NY.

Start Enjoying Your Pool or Hot Tub Today!

There are very specific codes enforced for maintaining the safety of your pool or hot tub wiring. This is not a project for an amateur electrician. Many factors regarding placement and hardware must be accounted for. A plan must be in place, and only then can work be started. Pool filters, lighting, heaters, and other components of swimming pools and hot tubs are important to consider. Insulated and properly grounded equipment is important to consider. If you are planning to hook any of these up for your own swimming pool, or hot tub, it is vital that you contact Effective Electric immediately. Don’t delay and find yourself in legal trouble, or worse. We are the swimming pool and hot tub wiring experts in Westchester, NY, and we are here to help you today! Get your free estimate now.