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Surge Protection in Westchester, NY

Surge Protection in Westchester, NY

Seeking More Information on Surge Protection in Westchester, NY?

Oh no! The power just surged momentarily and your computer just went down. This can ruin whatever you’re working on if you weren’t lucky enough to save it beforehand. Even worse, fluctuations in power can ruin expensive electronic equipment. This can really get you feeling under the weather. Luckily, at Effective Electric, our experts on the surge protection in Westchester, NY are here to help.

What Do Surge Protectors Do?

Surge protectors are designed to give you peace of mind in the advent of any electrical misfortune. Surge protectors will offset the effect of surges that interfere with wire transmission across devices. These devices eliminate disruption via wiring and can play a valuable role in the health of your household electronics. For example, instead of spending money to fix an expensive TV, or computer you could easily just buy an inexpensive surge protector to secure your gadgets.

Although surge protectors may not protect against a very high powered surge like a lightning strike, they are great for protecting against the everyday surges of modern technology. Install lightning rods on your home to displace the effects of lightning or other environmental phenomenons. We have all sorts of different equipment that you might find suitable for your own needs at home. A power bump, a voltage reduction, a spike in the voltage, or a brownout caused by the utility company, can damage your sensitive electronics. Learn what surge protectors safeguard and what options they have.

How A Surge Protector Works

  • LED Visual Warning
    A red LED light is located on the surge protector. This LED provides information that the wall outlet is grounded. This assures you that the surge protector is functioning properly. Furthermore, a green LED is also located on your surge protector. This LED will illuminate to inform you that the surge protector is functional. Tripp Lite will replace your surge protector under warranty at no cost if this light ever goes out.
  • Power Switch
    The on/off switch has an integrated circuit breaker which provides control over connected equipment. This will protect devices from serious overloads that might otherwise damage them.
  • Phone Protection
    This surge protector provides dual jack ports to provide simultaneous surge protection for two phones, modems, or fax connections.
  • Network Protection
    Built-in jacks provide complete protection for Ethernet cards established with Local Area Networks or cable/DSL modems.
  • Audible Alarm
    The Tripp Lite surge protector has a built-in alarm that alerts you in the event of damage to the circuitry. Tripp Lite vows to replace the unit for free if this happens.
  • Strong Protection
    Tripp Lite features a high 3690-joule rating to handle even the highest surges.
  • Lifetime Insurance
    Tripp Lite sports a $250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance for connected devices. This insurance is valid in the U.S. and Canada only.

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In conclusion, if you have questions about surge protection in Westchester, NY then you need to turn to the experts for all things electric. Effective Electric is here to serve you. We are a premier electrical contractor located near you! Contact us today to get started with securing your own home and devices.