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Protect It With Surge Protection | Electrician in Westchester County

Protect It With Surge Protection | Electrician in Westchester County

These tips for Surge Protection or only recommendations. For professional help call
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Surge protectors are designed to protect your expensive electronic devices. These devices can eliminate noise on wiring that often interferes with signal transmissions between devices. Although they are not designed to stop high-powered surges like lightning strikes, surge protectors are worth their weight in gold. Lighting protection should be addressed by installing lightning rods on your home. A power bump, a voltage reduction, a spike in the voltage, or a brownout caused by the utility company, can inflict damage to your sensitive electronics. Learn what surge protectors safeguard and what options they have.

1. Electrical Cord Connection
The surge protection device comes with a 10 foot cord and a right-angle plug. This plug allows furniture and equipment to be moved flush against the wall.
2. On/Off Switch
The on/off switch has an integrated circuit breaker that provides power control over connected equipment. This protects devices from serious overloads that may otherwise damage them.

3. Grounded LED Visual Warning
Located on the surge protector face is a red LED. This LED assures that the wall outlet is grounded and that assures that the surge protector can function properly.

4. Protected LED Visual Warning
Also located on the face of the surge protector is a green LED. This LED is lit to tell you that the surge protector is working properly. Tripp Lite will replace your surge protector under warranty at no charge if this light ever goes out.

5. Outlets Spaced for Convenience
In order to accommodate transformer cords, this surge protector has incorporated three widely-spaced outlets. Combine this with five more regularly-spaced outlets and you have a convenient device.

6. Outlet Safety Covers
For added protection from unused outlets, the surge protector has integrated slidable sfaety covers. By simply sliding the cover, the electrical connection points are covered for safety.

7. Phone Line Protection
This surge protector has two built-in jacks to provide simultaneous surge protection for two telephone, modem, or fax connections.

8. Coax Protection
Coaxial cables are protected with two “F” connectors. The 2.0 GHZ bandwidth supports digital signal compatibility to protect equipment on satellite or cable and antenna lines used with Web TV, TV tuner cards, and cable modems.

9. Network Line Protection
Built-in jacks provide complete protection for Ethernet cards connected to Local Area Networks or cable/DSL modems.

10. Optional Wall Mounts
The device has integrated keyhole slots on the back side of the device. This provides a convenient way to mount the device to a desk or wall.

11. Audible Alarm
The Tripp Lite surge protector has a built-in audible alarm that alerts you in the event of damage to the protection circuitry. Tripp Lite vows to replace the unit FREE of charge if this happens.

12. Strong Surge Protection
Tripp Lite features a high 3690 joule rating to handle even thr strongest surges.

13. Ultimate Lifetime Insurance
Tripp Lite sports a $250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance for connected equipment. This insurance is valid in the US and Canada only.

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