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Summer Preparations for your Electrical System

Summer Preparations for your Electrical System

Summer is the Most Stressful Time for Your Electrical System Summer Preparations in Westchester NY

The weather is heating up, and with it, so is the load on your electrical system. Don’t let the stress pile up. Protect your electrical system, and your wallet, from the stresses of summer with the help of these simple tips!

Take a Load Off

Is your electrical system bearing the strain of your poor appliances choices? Don’t become a victim of “operator error” by overlooking these seasonal adjustments that could help your electrical system.

Don’t Blow It

Did you know that heating and cooling is about 30-50 percent of your electric bill? Those who fuel their heating systems with heating oil from the likes of Hollenbach Oil (https://hollenbachoil.com) are an exception, of course. For others, these make it one of the biggest stressors on your electrical system. However there are many ways to reduce that stress, they include

  • Keeping your air filter clean.
  • Scheduling a professional cleaning and tune-up at least once a year.
  • Clearing your outdoor system and indoor vents for blockages.
  • Addressing leaks.
  • Setting your system on 85 degrees when you’re not home.
  • Or install a programmable thermostat.

Keep Your Cool

Your refrigerator is one of the largest consumers of energy in your home. To help with energy consumption you should make sure your seals are clean and tight. You also should verify proper operating temperature in the refrigerator and in the freezer! The same might go for your air conditioners. Ensure that the windows and doors are sealed in order to increase cooling efficiency. If your AC still fails to cool the room, the unit might require a repair. In that case, you might want to contact HVAC repair experts similar to ones that does AC repair in Manassas or in your vicinity. Such repair professionals can identify the issue and fix it quickly.

Keep Things From Boiling Over

Heating your water is typically the third largest energy expense in your home. Hence, if it’s not heating properly within a given time, it means that there is some issue and you may have to call in an expert who does water heater repair. The hotter the water, and the more it is used, the harder your electrical system is forced to keep up with the heating demands. We all know summer is hot enough! So why not help keep your cool with these helpful tips…

  • Set your water heater temperature to 120 degrees.
  • Properly insulating your tank.
  • Taking a shower instead of a bath.
  • Turning hot water, and your heater, off when you don’t need it.

Go Au-Natural

Your heater is the second largest energy consuming appliance in your home! One way to keep your home energy bills from becoming too hot to handle is to hang your clothes on the line rather than running the dryer!

Fire up the Grill

Using your stovetop or your oven in summer’s heat can really put a strain on your air conditioner and electrical system! Why not save some money and maintain comfort by firing up your grill instead.

Reduce Appliance Stress

In many homes today we use a multitude of gadgets and appliances that can cause a considerable amount of stress to your electrical system. Give your system the TLC it deserves. One way to help is by turning off items that are not in use rather than letting them run such as lights, laptops, mobile devices, TV’s, radios and more can take a lot of pressure off your electrical system. In the average home, lighting accounts for 12 percent, and electronic devices are about 10-15 percent. Other methods include proper maintenance. For example, if you have an air conditioner at home, you may want to schedule regular servicing of such appliances. You may need to contact professionals from companies such as DUCTZ of Raleigh, but the appliances will not consume more energy than necessary.

Contain Yourself

Some of your stress on your electrical system can come from outside of your home! Are you closing your eyes to these electrical stressors from your home’s great outdoors? Many outdoor lighting fixtures are heavily used and a great place to take a load off. If you update to a more modern technology for outdoor lightings such as motion sensors and timers, can not only save a pretty penny in energy wasted on unnecessary illumination but boost security as well!

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