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Safe Awesome Christmas Lighting in Cortlandt Manor NY

Safe Awesome Christmas Lighting in Cortlandt Manor NY

Christmas lights, twinkle lights or fairy lights as they are called, have come a long way over time. In the 18th-century Christmas trees were decorated with candles and now strings of energy efficient LED lights are used. LED lights use about 20 percent of the amount of electricity that incandescent lights use and are so much safer than an actual flame on a highly flamable pine tree must have been years ago!

In some areas Christmas lighting has become a fierce competition among neighbors. This is always a treat for anyone lucky enough to ride through these neighborhoods. If you are one of those using an excess of lights for your festive display remember to prevent electrical overload during the holidays. Be safe as you hang up your awesome Christmas or other Holiday lights in your Cortlandt Manor NY home or yard. Enjoy and be careful this season by following these steps:

Remember when putting up holiday lights, that it can be a safety hazard if you incorrectly connect multiple strands of lights, repeatedly use the same extension cord, or use a ladder without being careful. While putting lights away year after year you may not notice the wear and tear especially that could occur with outdoor lights which take abuse from the weather or possibly curious animals. Strings of lights with exposed wires should be tossed especially if they are going to be exposed to outdoor moisture. Taking a chance with this could result in a fire which isn’t the desired holiday lighting effect you might be looking for.

Ideally your indoor holiday lights should be plugged into a power strip or surge protector, or better yet into different outlets on separate circuits. Check your electrical panel to determine which outlets in your home are wired on each circuit. For outdoor lights you should be using outdoor electrical outlets and not running extension cords from indoor outlets.

Effective Electric licensed electrical contractors can help you avoid electrical fires or shock that can be caused by inadequate outlets. Have us upgrade your electrical needs so your family can feel safe. Our electrical contractors can install outdoor outlets that you can comfortably use year after year for all your outdoor needs. Even for beautiful lighting for summer use! Call us for a free estimate at 914-737-2651 and have an electrician in Cortlandt Manor NY help you.