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How To Reduce Your Winter Electric Bill

How To Reduce Your Winter Electric Bill

You may notice your energy usage and electric bills start to increase in the colder weather, in part because you’re heating your home. Electricians at Effective Electric know there are a number of techniques that can be used to reduce your winter electric bill without compromising warmth and comfort.

Here’s our list of how to reduce your winter electric bill in Croton On Hudson NY-

Have a thermostat with a timer installed – When a professional electrician installs a thermostat with a timer in your Croton On Hudson NY home, you can control your heat settings and reduce your energy usage. Timing your thermostat to lower temperatures while you are sleeping or away from your home at work, is a very effective way to reduce your electric bill. Otherwise, you are heating your home for no reason. This timer can be programmed to make your house warmer just before you wake up in the morning or come home from work. Not doing this will certainly take a toll on your electricity bill.

Seal windows – In many cases, heat is lost through small gaps in older windows. If you can’t replace these windows it may be a good idea to use some kind of temporary sealant to seal up the windows in your house. Sealing your windows will make your furnace work less to replace warm air that escapes out these gaps and you’ll use less electricity to warm your home.

Increase Humidity In Your Home – By increasing the humidity in your home you can feel warmer than your home actually is. Placing small bowls of water next to a heater, making sure to keep plants with moist soil, not turning on the bathroom fan while you shower, will all help to increase the moisture and you can avoid turning up the heat to feel warmer, allowing you to reduce your electricity usage.

Keep Heat In Smaller Areas – A lot of people don’t realize that leaving rooms open will only make it more difficult for a room to get warm. When rooms are unoccupied, they should be closed off so that heat can be trapped in the particular areas that are used and occupied in a home.

Our Croton On Hudson NY electricians and electrical contractors take special care when working with electrical devices. The Croton On Hudson NY electricians at Effective Electric take every precaution to preserve the electrical safety of your home or business.

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