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Reasons to replace your electrical panel

Reasons to replace your electrical panel

Each year, 53,000 homes are destroyed by electrical fires according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International. “Electricity is unforgiving, and it is important to be aware of hazards in order to correct them before a serious situation can result,” said ESFI President Brett Brenner. As our need for electricity grows with greater dependence on electrically powered devices, the electrical panels of our homes and businesses may be overburdened by the demand. That’s a fire risk.

Reasons to replace your electrical panel

You home’s electrical panel may have been “original equipment” from the builder or you may already have had your existing electrical panel installed when you got rid of the old fuse box. Since that time, the demands we put on the electrical systems of our homes and businesses have grown exponentially. Things like cell phones, computers, big-screen TVs, microwaves, routers for our viasat plans, etc. have all come into common use as technology has advanced, and these electrically powered appliances compete for the power delivered through the electrical panel. If you’ve experienced power dips, brown outs, or blown circuits, it may be time to update your electrical panel.

Resale value.

A new electrical panel (or an electrical house if you have a big home) could be a selling point when it comes time to sell your home. Also, you may have noticed, that commercial buildings usually tend to have a separate space or a modular cabin to accommodate their electrical requirements which might also be known as e-house (to know more, you can sneak a peek here). This can be considered as an equivalent to an electric panel of a regular small house. However, when it comes to residential buildings, a new electrical panel tells a prospective buyer that the home’s electrical system has been inspected and maintained, and perhaps even upgraded to accommodate increased usage. A new electrical panel is safer and more reliable than an old piece of equipment and can be a valuable feature of a well-maintained home.

Strong service.

An electrical panel upgrade will typically include upgrading the grounding and bonding system to protect against electric shocks. This also helps to improve responsiveness by the circuit breaker when a short does occur. If you learn a bit of DIY electric work, you can even check the fuses yourself to see that they are working fine. Maybe it would be beneficial to learn how to test and check a fuse without a multimeter, to do some occasional testing on your circuit breakers. Also prime for replacement at this time is the “load-side” service cables, which are the electrical service cables that run usually outside the house from where the public power supply cables are secured to the house and then run to the electrical panel inside the house.

Safe supply.

Are you using extension cords to accommodate all your plug-in appliances’ needs? Have you had to use outlet extenders to make a two-outlet power point carry more than just two electrical appliances? You may be exposing your family and your property to a significant risk of fire from overloaded circuits. An electrical system analysis and recommendations for upgrade may include adding more outlets or additional circuits to your electrical panel to safely deliver electricity without overloading outlets or circuits.

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