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Preventing an Electrical Fire in Your Home

Preventing an Electrical Fire in Your Home

Preventing an electrical fire in your own home starts by choosing the right company. Effective Electric treats every job with professionalism, care, and above all, quality. An electrical fire in your home could be devastating. Leading to substantial damages to the home itself, total destruction of possessions, or even worse. Preventing an electrical fire can be as simple as having your system diagnosed by Effective Electric for potential hazards. Screening them now could be a priceless investment.

Loved ones may be at serious risk for injury by being exposed to subpar electrical work. The scariest part is that your own home may be at risk due to outdated electrical technology. However, this isn’t the only time your home could be in danger of catching fire. Your home could catch fire as a result of a variety of cooking mishaps or even a wildfire. In such instances, in addition to ensuring that your electrical appliances are in good working order, you may need to seek the services of a fire protection company to assist you in making your home flame resistant.

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Hidden Dangers in Your Own Home

Unfortunately, millions of homes were installed with electrical panels prone to set ablaze. Breakers installed by Federal Pacific malfunction regularly and may have been linked to over 2,800 electrical fires every year. Years later, light is being shed on Federal Pacific dodging regulations to bypass the system and creating hazardous, yet extremely important electrical apparatuses for residential homes! These are not the only poorly made electrical panels. Aside from the risk of faulty paneling, homeowners also must be aware of the dangers which faulty, or deteriorated wiring can present. Worst of all, these dangers can remain hidden until it’s too late.

Preventing an Electrical Fire is Simple

Luckily, there is no better time than right now to certify the safety of your own home. By calling Effective Electric you will have an expert team on your side. We replace and repair all areas of electrical household systems. By installing new electrical panels we can alleviate your worries as far as these systems go. We also offer service calls so that you can best stay on top of the health of your house. Concerned about your breaker panel or wiring? Dial 914-737-2651 to set up an appointment today.