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Prepare For A Power Outage Putnam County NY

Prepare For A Power Outage Putnam County NY

With such unpredictable weather, it’s especially important during colder months to prepare for a possible power outage.

Staying safe, warm and dry during a power outage in Putnam County NY, are all reasons to consider having a generator installed in your home. If you have one, great. Remember to never use it or any other gas-powered appliance indoors. Not even in the garage. The carbon monoxide from it can kill you. If you do not already have a generator, consider having it installed now by an experienced and licensed electrical contractor.

Ways to prepare yourself for a power outage in Putnam County NY

Things to Keep Handy:
-meals or food that can be prepared or eaten without the need for electricity
-bottled water
-a gas grill to cook outside with
-hand operated can opener, batteries, flashlight and candles
-important phone numbers and escape routes
-an updated first aid kit

Other Tips: :
-Know ahead how to manually open your garage.
-If you experience a power outage call power authorities to let them know.
-Stay away from any downed trees or electrical wires and report them.
-During a power outage keep refrigerator and freezers closed. It can help keep your food safe for a few hours.

To install a generator can be a good investment and help you to be prepared for a power outage. Let the licensed electricians and electrical contractors at Effective Electric help. They are expert generator installers and know what permits might be needed. Call (914) 737-2651 for more information.