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Portable Generator Safety

Portable Generator Safety

Losing power in an emergency can lead to problems beyond lacking light. Without power, the contents of a refrigerator and freezer may go to waste. Losing the ability to charge a phone is another challenge. A portable generator is a vital option to help in stressful emergencies. Essential areas in a home will have power due to a generator. Before buying a unit, it is important to review portable generator safety.

Understanding Portable Generator Safety

There are a couple of types of generators. Some are standby generators, and they switch on when the power goes out. However, portable generators are wonderful because you can use them in a variety of situations. 

Portable generators need ventilation because they emit carbon monoxide. Running one in a garage or house can be deadly. Many new generators have a sensor that automatically shuts off the unit when detecting carbon monoxide. However, they should still be placed outdoors. Generators need to be located at least 20 feet away from a house. Also, the exhaust should face away from the house.

Also, try to place the generator away from standing water. Ideally, a portable generator is in a well-draining area. Consider having either a tent designed for generators or a canopy. 

Portable Generator and Your Main Breaker

You do have to turn off the main breaker when using a generator. First, turn the individual breakers off, followed by the main breaker. Then, turn the generator breaker on. The generator is now energized.  Finally, you can add individual breakers on one at a time while there is power going to the generator panel.

When in Doubt, Call Effective Electric with Your Portable Generator Safety Questions

For any questions related to portable generator safety, Effective Electric can help. We have been serving customers with their electrical needs for 14 years. We have the experience to ensure your portable generator meets your needs.

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