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Landscape Lighting

Have You Ever Thought About Nightscaping?

Well-planned soft landscape lighting around your patio can beckon you outside to relax beneath the stars in summer. Strategic landscape & exterior lighting can add to your family’s safety and security by making sure you never return to a dark home and walkways are safely lit. Smart landscape lighting systems can even make your home appear occupied when it’s not. Effective Electric in Westchester County is here to help you realize your dream of an illuminated home and space.

Is Landscape Lighting A Good Investment?

Indeed, landscape lighting not only adds beauty to your home, it increases property value. Exterior lighting creates a more secure and comfortable feeling outside of your home, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor spaces at night for as long as you desire. This gives you more opportunities for outdoor activities with family and friends while showcasing your home in the neighborhood. If you have ever felt nervous or scared of being outside in the dark around your home, an exterior lighting system can make you feel much better. 

How Efficient Are Exterior Landscape Lighting Systems?

Landscape lighting systems are highly efficient and cost effective. Utilizing LED bulbs, your system will consume less energy and will last much longer. The system features low-voltage lighting that uses less power than what you use to power the inside of your home. This will save you money in the long run.

Is Low-Voltage Lighting Safe?

Yes, low voltage lighting is perfectly safe. The 12 volt lights pose little risk of electrical shocks regardless of the type of fixture. The risk of electrical shock even poses little risk underwater, demonstrating perfectly how safe low-voltage lighting is.

Types Of Landscape Lighting Fixtures And Their Components

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The technology of landscape lighting has improved so much that basically any part of your home or yard can be illuminated.  Every fixture makes your space more appealing so you can enjoy it for years to come knowing that every component is working together as it should. From the low-voltage transformer that delivers the power to your system to the fixtures themselves that house the LED bulbs and wiring, to even the ground stakes and conduits, you can be confident that your lighting system will work efficiently. 

As for types of fixtures, you have several to choose from depending on what you need. There are path lights to illuminate walkways, underwater lights for ponds and fountains, in-ground lights that are hidden below the surface of the ground, hardscape lights for your home’s unique architecture, and specialty lights for harder to illuminate spaces.

You may need only a few or even all of these lights, but the end result will be a spectacular sight to behold. You’ll never see or think of your home the same way. It will be better.

What Is The Cost Of Exterior Lighting? 

Exterior landscape lighting is a worthy investment if you have the financial ability to do it. However, lighting systems come in a variety of sizes allowing even the smallest property to shine. The average cost of a lighting system is $2,500 depending on the size of your home and yard and what kind of lights you desire. Effective Electric in Westchester County offers free estimates if you want to know how much an exterior lighting system will cost you. It never hurts to do research before committing to a project.

 How Can I Maintain My Exterior Lighting System?

Keeping your outdoor landscape lighting system in good operational condition is important if you want the lights to continue coming on when you flip the switch. That being said, there are several steps homeowners can take to prevent problems.

The first step is to keep the system clean, including lenses and reflectors and the fixtures themselves. Remove any debris from around or on fixtures that may be blocking light. Check for exposed or loose wires and make sure the fixtures remain in their proper position. Replace any LED bulbs that burn out. LED bulbs last longer than standard light bulbs so it should be awhile before you have to replace them. In addition, using a timer to regulate when your system turns on and off will help your system last longer and remain energy-efficient. If you need repairs to your system, call Effective Electric today and we will fix the problem.

 Can I Expand My Lighting System Later?

Absolutely! It is not necessary for you to purchase a lighting system for every part of your home and yard all at one time. You can start with your home and expand around it over time by adding lighting to your walkways, fountains, ponds, decks, fences, and other structures when you think the time and cost is right. There’s no minimum size of the system you can start with and no limits on what you can have illuminated.

Can I Install My Own Exterior Lighting System?

It’s possible for a do-it-youselfer to install an exterior landscape lighting system themselves without much, if any, professional help. However, it would be a good idea to hire a professional to install the electrical supply system. For best results, unless you are already a handy landscaper with experience installing lighting systems, a professional is usually always best to get the job done right the first time. 

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