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Need Generator Repair in Sommers, NY?

Need Generator Repair in Sommers, NY?

Need generator repair in Sommers, NY and your area is expecting another Storm?

The purpose of a generator is to save you the hassle of losing power during an electric outage. A generator will keep you from being in the dark for possibly days, after the next storm, hurricane, blizzard or unlucky squirrel finds the right wire to dig it’s teeth into. With a generator you will not lose you refrigerated or frozen food or have to pay the cost to replace them. You will have the comfort and convenience of your home or business functioning. Your laundry will work. Your dishwasher will work. Your shower will work. You will be able to charge and use your electronic devices. HOWEVER, you lose all the convenience of having a generator if you are in need of generator repair!

Effective Electric services the Sommers area as well as greater Westchester County with award winning customer satisfaction. They are multiple Angie’s List Award recipients. Butch Gilbert, a master electrician, heads Effective Electric and has performed electric work in the Sommers area for well over two decades.
Butch Gilbert, a board member on several electrical associations, has served as a foreman on the some of the largest projects in and around the Sommers area. Do not let a malfunctioning generator rob you of the peace of mind attached to protecting your home. For generator repair, Call Effective Electric and put Sommers’ highest level of professional experience to work for you 914-737-2651.