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Generators | Katonah

Generators | Katonah

Having a generator can help keep your family safe inside during storms or power outages. With the help from the team at Effective Electric you can have one installed in your home quickly and efficiently. They can help you decide what generator will work best in your home.

What is a generator?

It is a back-up power that you can use in your home or business if your utility company can’t provide the power.  There are two kinds to choose from when making the decision to bring one home. There is a portable generator which is used to power up selective appliances around your home. Then there is an automatic standby generator which is designed to run when the power is lost and shut down when the power is restored. When deciding which one to use for your home in Katonah, NY make sure you consult with a team member from Effective Electric. The professionals there can help you decided which will work best in your home.

Effective Electric’s skillful team members will help install your generator  in your home or business. Once the installation is complete they can guide you on how to use it if you decided on a portable one. The automatic standby works on its own so it doesn’t require any assistance to turn it on or off or recharge it. The portable one requires some steps in order to recharge it and move it to specific appliances in your home.

Don’t live in Katonah, NY, without a generator!  If you do live in Katonah, you know how common severe storms are. With purchase of a generator, the team at Effective Electric will install it and can solve all your electrical needs.

Effective Electric has been serving Katonah,NY for over two decades, we are a fully licensed electrical contracting firm designed to meet all your wiring needs.

The pros at Effective Electric are skilled in installing generators. If you have any questions pertaining to generator installation/repair, electrical contractor, panel upgrades, electrical violations, electrical storm damage, circuit breaker installation and an electrician in Westchester County, Northern Westchester, and Fairfield County, CT, contact Effective Electric at (914) 737-2651.