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Install an Electric Generator Before the Storm

Install an Electric Generator Before the Storm

If past storms have proven inconvenient (to say the least), you may want a qualified electrician to install an electric generator before the storm, outside your Westchester, NY home. Now’s the time of year to think about power outages and what effect it
will have on your family. If you would like the security of knowing you will be able to maintain heat, hot water, the use of your appliances, communication, food in your refrigerator or freezer, and keep your home office running during a prolonged outage, having an electric generator professionally installed may help.

Only a qualified professional, such as a Westchester County, NY licensed electric contractor, should install a permanent standby generator. Otherwise, you may be
responsible for any injuries or damage to your property, your neighbors’ or the electric company you use, from an improperly installed or operated generator. Backfeed occurs when an improperly connected generator begins feeding electricity back into the power
lines. Backfeed can cause a serious injury or death to repair crews or your neighbors. It can also cause damage to the generator when electric service is restored. Be sure your generator is UL-approved, installed by a licensed electrician, and inspected by your local electrical inspector.

You can feel confident calling Effective Electric to provide quality electrical services to your Westchester, NY residence or commercial property. We are experts in installing electric generator panels and hookups, and familiar with installation requirements in your area. Give us a call at (914) 737-2651 to schedule an in-home assessment and to
get a free estimate.