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Install a Dryer Cord | Westchester County Electrician

Install a Dryer Cord | Westchester County Electrician

These tips to install a dryer cord should only be attempted if you are 100% confident. For professional installation in Westchester call Effective Electric.

The first step of installing a dryer cord is to remove the electrical connection cover. This is located in the back of the machine. Look for a cover plate with a 3/4″ hole next to it. This hole is where the cord will be inserted to make the connection. Take out your toolbox and get out your nut driver set. You will need a nut driver to remove the screw holding the cover in place. Turn the screw counter-clockwise and remove the screw. Now, remove the cover plate and this will expose the electrical connection screws.

Dryer cords come in various lengths and this should be a consideration before you purchase one. Be sure to measure the distance from the dryer outlet to the middle of your opening for the dryer. The standard length of a dryer cord is five to six feet long, so if in doubt, buy the longer one.

These cords come in different amperage ratings also. Look on the back of you new dryer and see what the amperage draw for the dryer is. It is listed on a tag, usually located behind the control panel of the dryer.

The connection configuration is quite different than an electric range cord. The connection has two straight blades and one blade bent at 90 degrees. The cord is pictured here for your convenience.

Insert the dryer cord in the 3/4″ hole provided by the manufacturer. It is in close proximity to the electrical connection box. Insert the cord into the hole and remove the three connection screws by turning them counterclockwise.

The cord is set up with three connections, just like the connection on the dryer. The outer two connections are the hot connections and the center is for the neutral/ground connection.

Insert the mounting screws into the wire terminals and connect them to the machine. Turn the screws clockwise until they are tight. Be careful not to over-tighten because this could cause them to strip out.

Caution! Be sure not to connect the neutral wire to the hot connection terminals and also, do not connect the hot wire to the neutral connection. See the photo for proper connections.

To complete the installation, replace the electrical connection cover and turn the screw clockwise until it is tight. Plug the cord into the electrical dryer outlet and check to see if it is operating correctly. The dryer should now power up, run, and heat. Be sure to level the dryer so that it doesn’t move around the room.

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