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Below Are Some Resources and Guides to Help You Learn How to Use a Backup Generator

Starting and Operating Your Generator

Husky Generator

Starting Your Generator

  • Put gas in tank, if needed, and check oil.
  • Be sure the exhaust can ventilate freely
    (Keep away from windows and fresh air intakes)

Starting Your Generator - Oil IntakeGenerator Exhaust System

  • Plug in power cord to generator and inlet-box on house
  • Make sure cord is tight and not hanging out of socket.
    (Power cord ends may twist-lock,  clockwise to tighten)

Generator Power CordHow to Plug in Generator

  • Make sure the fuel lever is in the ON position
  • First step to start motor, close CHOKE  I/I
  • Pull cord to start. Or press electric start button

Turn on Generator Fuel LeverPull Cord to Start Generator

  • Almost immediately after starting, slide choke back to OPEN position
    I  I  . Your generator should now be running.

Slide Choke to Open PositionGenerator Gauge

Make Sure

  • Circuit breaker is in the ON position.
  • There are no obvious tears or damage to power cord
  • Exhaust is facing away from windows, doors, and air vents.
  • Choke is off when running.
  • If it is raining or snowing your can put a piece of plywood on top of generator.
  • Got Gas?

Generator ControlsGas for Generator


Generator Panel

*Pushing a breaker towards the center of the panel is turning it ON

    • Turn OFF individual breakers one at a time.
    • Time to flip the Inter-lock, the Inter-lock is made so that both breakers cannot be in the ON position at the same time.
    • Push main power breaker away from center of panel, OFF.
    • Push generator power breaker towards center of panel, ON
    • The generator panel is now energized, turn ON individual breakers one at a time.
    • *Keep in mind your generator may not be powerful enough to run all circuits at the same time. So load sharing is needed.
    • (Electric baseboard heat and ACs can draw a lot of power)

Reversing the Process

  • Turn OFF all individual breakers one at a time
  • Turn OFF generator. (You may want to turn off fuel lever and let the generator run till it dies to drain the fuel in the fuel line)
  • Unplug power cord ends
  • *If you turned off the main breaker in the main panel, not generator panel, turn off all breakers before turning the main breaker back on
  • At the generator panel, flip GENERATOR POWER breaker OFF
  • Flip the MAIN POWER breaker ON
  • Turn on individual breakers one at a time
  • You may want to check all your pumps and appliances are working properly

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