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Generator Installation

Are You Prepared with a Generator in the Case of an Emergency?

Have you ever been stranded without power, due to a storm or hurricane? Loss of power can lead to many issues. When you add up the costs, they can be staggering: lost food in your refrigerator and freezer, hotels, meals out, laundry, time off work…and most of all aggravation, to put it mildly. Now imagine it was a snow storm, and you couldn’t evacuate to a place with power.

A generator can help you stay in your home and keep your family safe during an extended outage. The experts at Effective Electric can help you choose the right generator for your home, and provide skilled installation.

image-storm What is a generator and what kind do you need for your home? A generator can provide backup power to your home or business when your utility company can’t. Portable generators can be used to power selected appliances and circuits in your home,  while an automatic standby generator is designed to automatically run when power is lost, and shut down once utility power is restored.

The experienced professionals at Effective Electric can help you determine what kind of generator is best for you, and install it safely. Improperly installed generators can damage your home’s wiring, create dangerous carbon monoxide emissions, and put utility workers at risk. The proper generator can provide safety and peace of mind.

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