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Generator Installation Yorktown Heights

Generator Installation Yorktown Heights

Emergency Generators: Nice to Have or Need to Have?
Access to reliable electrical power is a luxury we’ve come to take for granted. Turn on the switch and the lights go on! But what happens when the lights go out? Not only is our electronic access to the outside world taken away, but so are some “inside world” functions that you may not think of. Even in a minimally electricity-dependent home, systems need to run effectively; hot water heaters, sump and well pumps, alarm systems, and even some heating systems like pellet stoves require reliable and ready electric power on demand. A generator can keep you safe, comfortable and secure in your home even when the power is out. For generator installation in Yorktown Heights, Effective Electric has you covered.

What is a generator and what kind do you need for your home?
A generator can provide backup power to your home or business when your utility company can’t. Effective Electric installs, services, and maintains auxiliary electric generators for residential and commercial customers in Westchester , Putnam, and Fairfield counties. Effective Electric offers portable generators for specific applications or automatic standby generators for seamless switch overs from the grid to your home generator when the power goes out. Let the professionals at Effective Electric help you determine which application is best for needs. Improperly installed generators can damage your home’s wiring, create dangerous carbon monoxide emissions, and put utility workers at risk. The quality and reliability of every Effective Electric installation is guaranteed.

All-Season Security
The winter of 2016 in Yorktown Heights was gratefully mild, but winters are not the only challenging season for electric-power delivery in the Northeast. The past two years have been the warmest ever recorded. Without electricity, there is no escape from the summer’s heat. Generator installation in Yorktown Heights by Effective Electric can help recommend, install, and maintain a home generator system that will guarantee your home will be secure from power outages during cold winter winds AND sultry summer temps.

Generator & Backup Power Solutions Sales, Service & Installations
Effective Electric is the premier full-service electrical contractor for Westchester, Putnam, and Fairfield counties offering generator and backup power solutions, sales, service, and installations. Detailed estimates are always free, and your Effective Electric pro will discuss the project with you step by step. If your need is a portable or standby generator for your safety and security at home, or if you are a business owner that absolutely, positively needs to stay open during the worst of conditions, Effective Electric is there to serve with competitive prices and professional installations. We can help you stay safe and in your home during an extended power outage.

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We’ll show you how, with the proper planning, we can save you time and money both now and in the years to come. We are here for you with same-day 24 hour service. For generator installation in Yorktown Heights, call Effective Electric at (914) 737-2651 or email us at: office@EffectiveElectric.net

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