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Generator Installation Westchester, NY

At Effective Electric we know, that costs that come with loss of power during a storm or hurricane. That’s why we provide generator installation in Westchester, NY. Our generator installation services will keep your home safe and prepared during a power outage.

Loss of power can mean:

  • lost food in your refrigerator and freezer
  • hotels
  • meals out
  • laundry
  • time off work

What Kind of Generators Do We Offer

There are two types of generators we can install into your home or business. The portable generator is good for powering up specific appliances. You can move this generator to where you feel like power is most necessary whether it’s to the kitchen to keep the refrigerator working or in your child’s room to keep the lights on. The other option is an automatic standby generator. This generator turns on and off automatically when the power goes out and when it is restored again. It has enough energy to power up your home or building without any manual work. The team at Effective Electrical will install it into your home or building for you.

A generator can help you stay in your home and keep your family safe during an extended outage. The experts at Effective Electric can help you choose the right generator in Westchester County, NY for your home or business, and provide a skilled generation installation.

The team at Effective Electric are experts in generator installation. If you have any questions pertaining to bathroom/kitchen services, landscape lighting/exterior services, electrical panel upgrades, or electrical renovations in Westchester County, NY, Northern Westchester, NY, Putnam County, NY or Fairfield County, CT or would like to schedule an consultation with us contact Effective Electric at: 914.737.2651

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