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Generator Installation in Westchester

Generator Installation in Westchester

The cost to purchase and install a home backup generator in Westchester County can vary from town to town. Effective Electric is the source home and business owners trust to install a generator that will meet or even exceed their needs.

What size generator do I need?

Small home backup generators will be able to power a few basic items like a refrigerator or sump pumps, but they will not power the whole house if the power were to go out. These small generators typically deliver 7-to-10 kW of juice and are usually powered by a manual-start gasoline engine.

The cost of generators of this size ranges from $2,500 to $4,500 plus installation.

Mid-size generators are able to power a small system but will still not handle the capacity for an entire home. They deliver 12-to-45 kW and they are a good option for a home in colder climates where the heat has to stay on.

Mid-size generators may cost from $4,000 to $10,000 plus installation.

Large home backup generators deliver 22-45 kW of power and will be able to power an entire home. These types of generators are typically a permanent installation where the generator is contained in a protective housing. These engines are often liquid-cooled and the connection to the home’s electrical system is permanent.

Large home backup generators can cost from $9,000 to $15,000 plus installation.

The home backup generator installation process

Installing a home backup generator to power your home’s electrical system is a sophisticated and potentially hazardous do-it-yourself project. It is not recommended to undertake a job like this yourself. Effective Electric’s experienced team of professional electricians can expertly install home backup generator, landscape lighting, and even extra outlets in or around your home.

Choosing, purchasing, and installing a home backup generator system involves a few steps to consider some information:

  • Analyze and define your home’s power needs; be sure you’re looking at generators that will do what you need them to do.
  • Select the appropriately sized generator for your home or business—plan ahead for the growth of your home’s electrical needs. You may consider a generator a little larger than your present needs.
  • Prep the site from where the generator will operate—a clear, well-ventilated area near the home’s electrical service panel is a good place to consider placing a home backup generator.
  • Install a concrete pad—to give the generator a clean and level surface from which to operate.
  • Install a safe fuel tank—home generators often run using propane or gasoline as fuel. Consider a fuel storage tank appropriate for the amount of fuel you will need to power the size generator you are considering and for the maximum expected amount of time you’ll be off the grid.
  • Install a new electrical subpanel—often installed beside your home’s existing electric panel; this panel is a dedicated circuit for the generator.
  • Configure an automatic transfer switch—so that when the lights go off, the generator will start on its own to continue to power the building while it is off the grid.

Effective Electric is the go-to source for professional advice and information about home backup generator in Westchester County.