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Generator Installation Cortlandt Manor

Generator Installation Cortlandt Manor

Should I buy a home generator for my home?

The effects of extreme weather and its ability to do damage to your home and property cannot be overestimated. According to Popular Mechanics, “2011 was among the nation’s worst years on record for grid-disabling natural disasters, with power interruptions longer than 24 hours affecting 21 million customers.” After Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Irene, and the seemingly increasing threat of ordinary storms turning destructive, homeowners and business owners alike feel they’re counting on the utilities to deliver services during under any condition, good or bad. And increasingly, homeowners and business owners in Cortlandt Manor and surrounding areas are using an installed home generator as their Plan B when the utilities can’t come through.

Auxiliary power delivered by a dedicated generator can keep your business open during inclement weather and keep you and your family secure in your home and able to function normally there. Effective Electric is Westchester County’s preferred home generator installation specialists.


Home generator installations are not a do-it-yourself (DIY) job. There are dedicated electrical supply lines that need to be configured with your home’s electrical panel and distribution system for the generator to effectively deliver power to your home after the lights go out. Home generator installations typically take about two days. During this time, your contractor will install a transfer switch for the supporting generator. Electric lines from the generator are then attached to the transfer switch. Fuel lines will need to be plumbed (or at least safely connected) for the fuel source to the generator. Smaller generators, typically gasoline powered, may come with an onboard fuel tank.


Installation of a home generator can vary based on the size/model/capacity of your new generator and the work that needs to be done to tie the generator into the existing electrical system. The fuel source of the generator is also a determining factor for costs, whether it is gasoline, propane, or natural gas fired.


Your home generator installation company should be able to advise you (and secure) and local permits that may be required when purchasing and installing an auxiliary generator. Effective Electric has years of experience working in Westchester County and surrounding areas can advise you more about what permits may be needed to install your home generator system.

If you’re interested in making your home or business more secure from the effects of stormy weather and to keep the lights on when the electric company can’t deliver, talk to one of the certified electricians of Effective Electric about buying and installing a new home generator of your home or business.

If you know it’s time to install a backup generator, or if you need extra outlets in your home office or professional landscape lighting design so your business is lit for both impact and security, count on the team at Effective Electric to give you a complete, accurate estimate and experienced, detailed and considerate service.