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Generator Installation Cold Spring, NY

Generators are used for a back-up source of power. Effective Electric are professionals in generator installations in Cold Spring, NY. We want to ensure that your family is safe and your home is functional during a power outage.

Why you need a generator installation in Cold Springs, NY

Power outages can occur from a number of reasons. Whether it be a hurricane, thunder storm, snow storm or anything that causes an electrical short, a generator can help keep your home alive. A generator takes mechanical energy from an external source and turns it into electrical energy used to power up your home. With a generator as back-up energy for your home you won’t have to worry about your lights being out during a power outage or your food going bad in the refrigerator because the generator will keep it all running. And our team is ready to help with your generator installation.

Generators are also cost efficient. You won’t have to spend any extra money to replace spoiled food, hotel trips waiting for the power to be restored or meals out from the lack of edible foods you had. You also won’t have to worry about taking time off work to figure out your next move and for your children who are afraid of the dark it will no longer be a problem during power outages with a generator installation for your home.

Two kinds of generators to choose from

  • Portable generators are used to power up selected appliances in your home. You can manually turn it on and off and move it to any appliance you feel needs the more energy at the time.
  • Automatic standby generators will automatically run when the power is out and will turn off when the power is restored. This doesn’t require much manual work other than the installation that the electricians at Effective Electric will provide.

We are a trustworthy service ready to help you decide what generator will work best for your home. We pride ourselves in the work we do for our customers including generator installations in Cold Spring, NY.

The pros at Effective Electric are skilled in installing generators. If you have any questions pertaining to generator installation/repair, electrical contractor, panel upgrades, electrical violations, electrical storm damage, circuit breaker installation and an electrician in Cold Spring, NY, Westchester County, Northern Westchester, and Fairfield County, CT, contact Effective Electric at (914) 737-2651.