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Floodlight and Outdoor Light Installation Westchester County NY

Floodlight and Outdoor Light Installation Westchester County NY

Floodlight and outdoor light installation increases both the beauty and security of your home. Outdoor lighting can be designed to accentuate your landscaping or your home’s interesting architectural features. Up-lighting or down-lighting can add drama and transform your property into a real showstopper. Installing outdoor lighting, allows you to enjoy your outdoor space for an extended amount of time and can increase the value of your home. Outdoor lighting for show should be low-voltage. Even though it’s low voltage, illuminating around stairs or pathways can keep you safe from tripping or falling.

Floodlights are more for safety and security than beauty. When you illuminate dark areas in and around your yard you can avoid stumbling and also deter possible intruders. There are residential or commercial lighting options that contain high-intensity bulbs, making them ideal outdoor lights to activate using a timer. You can adjust the settings so floodlights only turn on after dark, and only go on with a motion sensor. Energy efficient floodlights and outdoor light installation should be done by a licensed Westchester County electrician or electrical contractor. If you are considering energy efficient outdoor lighting, please do not hesitate to contact any of the licensed Westchester County, NY electricians and electrical contractors from Effective Electric. At Effective Electric, we are outdoor light installers and provide lighting repair services for Westchester, NY residential and commercial customers. We look forward to helping you enhance the value and security of your home. Please call us at 914-737-2651 for a free estimate.


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