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Find an Amazing Electrician For You in Cortlandt Manor

Find an Amazing Electrician For You in Cortlandt Manor

The team at Effective Electric knows that a power surge caused by lightning can cause more damage than just a power outage to homes and businesses in Cortlandt Manor and surrounding areas. April showers bring May flowers, but they may also bring lightning strikes and lightning damage to homes and businesses. Even if your home or business has never been struck by lightning, the effects of lightning strikes miles from home can affect your home’s electrical system as well as your electrical appliances.

Lightning Strikes
The nature of lightning and electricity, the same electricity we use at home and work, is unpredictable. When lightning damage does occur, there is no sure way to know if a circuit has been affected. Some damage may be visible, and some damage may not be so obvious. Many home appliances are exposed to damage even though they are not in use. Home electronics can be disabled and home electrical circuits can be damaged. Even imperceptible damage to a home’s circuit can compromise a family’s safety. The main electric service and grounding systems must be inspected. The knowledgeable residential electricians of Effective Electric know how the typical home is wired, and they are the best investigators near the Cortlandt Manor area to test affected circuits.

Induced Voltage
Induced voltage is a phenomenon that occurs during a lightning strike. The powerful electric current created by a bolt of lightning is conducted easily by objects like steel towers and electrical cables. The result is current-induced voltage that may damage sensitive electronic equipment.

The Megger Test
A lightning strike or power surge can compromise the integrity of an electrical system’s safe functioning. Effective Electric performs Megger® tests on home and business electric circuits to determine if or wear any damage may have occurred or may be located because of a lightning strike or power surge to the system.

Megger® is a brand of electrical test equipment, particularly electrical insulation testing equipment. Ubiquitous in the industry, “meggering” has become a verb for performing these tests. Meggering residential branch circuits is the best way to determine if any damage has been done by a lightning strike, especially when physical damage is present.

Safe Circuits
Keeping a home safe from lightning strikes goes beyond Ben Franklin’s revolutionary but rudimentary method called the lightning rod. Sophisticated electrical circuitry in our homes and advanced electronic gadgets in our hands can be affected by a sudden power surge or a catastrophic power loss. It’s important for homeowners near Cortlandt Manor and surrounding areas to be certain that the investments made in their home and its contents, and the safety of the home’s inhabitants, are secure from the damage that can be caused by a lightning strike.

Effective Electric are experts in residential “meggering” (the testing of branch circuits in a home’s electrical system). They know what to look for when assessing possible lightning damage. They provide solutions to homeowners to prevent lightning damage or to deal with the after effects of a lightning strike.