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Electrician for Westchester – Uncoil Without Kinks

Electrician for Westchester – Uncoil Without Kinks

Here our some electrician tips from Westchester to help you uncoil your wire without kinks. As with any electrical task, we suggest using a trained professional such as Effective Electric.

Lift a few loops from the center of the roll

Pulling plastic-sheathed cable through holes in the framing is a lot easier if you straighten it out first. If you simply pull the cable from the center of the coil, it’ll kink as you pull it through the studs. The trick is to lift a handful of coils from the center of the roll and toss them across the floor as if you’re throwing a coiled rope.

Straighten before pulling through framing

Next, walk along the length of cable, straightening it as you go. The electricians we talked to prefer this method because they can keep the cable contained in the plastic wrapper for easier handling and neater storage.

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