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Electrician In Westchester – Nightscaping

Electrician In Westchester – Nightscaping


The outdoor lighting of your home, otherwise referred to as “Nightscaping”, is important for many reasons. It can make your home easier to find, make it more aesthetically appealing and even increase its overall property value.

Make Your Home More Visible

Many people will be visiting your home at night, even you! It will be easier for those people to find your house if you have outdoor lighting that stands out. When giving directions, you can let friends and family members know that you have a lit driveway, doorway, or even garden which will help them find their way faster and more carefully.

There Are a Variety of Lighting Options Available

You can use dome lights, flood lights or accent lights depending on your needs. You may need lighting for an outdoor stairway that would be most suited with dome lights for safety. Flood lighting would be helpful above your garage and can even be set on an automatic timer or a movement sensor. Having the options of timers and sensors will save you money on your electric bill and the hassle of having to turn it on and off each time that you pass.

Aesthetics Are Key

When choosing to light your front door, windows or garden, you will illuminate your house, thus making it more appealing to passersby. The proper aesthetic outdoor lighting can add a posh look to any already well maintained home. It can even add value to your property which is important if you are looking to sell at any time.

If nightscaping seems like something that may interest you, give us a call at Effective Electric in Westchester, NY at (914) 737-2651 to set up an appointment today. We will add safety and value to your home in a cost effective and timely manner!