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Electrician in Westchester | Common Electrical Mistakes to Avoid

Electrician in Westchester | Common Electrical Mistakes to Avoid

Certified Electrician in Westchester passes on some electrical Mistakes to Avoid

Common Electrical Mistakes

One of the mistakes people make usually have to do with overloading circuits, too large of a lightbulb in a socket, and you have a lot of times they’ll put the wrong size breaker on the wrong size wire. Those are some of the most common ones.

Older Circuits
The codes have changed through the years. So changing of the codes is also going to create different problems for people now that you didn’t 20 years ago because you didn’t have the items that you had 20 years ago to go on these circuits. There’s a lot more pull on them, there’s a lot more things added. So, these are all things that you face now that you didn’t face 20 years ago.

Most of the time people putting a 60 watt rated light socket a 100 watt bulb rather, and then it burns the wires up because they’re only 16 gauge wires. So it becomes a point where the wire can’t take the heat that’s built up with it.

Make Sure Circuit Breaker Matches Wire Size
What I also see is that when you get a wrong size wire to a wrong size breaker. Basically breakers are designed to react to heat. They won’t trip until they get to a certain heat, but if you have a breaker size that is larger than what the wire or has higher amps that what the wire is designed for, what you’ll have is the wire will give out first because the heat will build up in the wire and then burn the wire.

What would you suggest for a homeowner who just got a home, obviously not a brand new home a used home, what would you suggest for them to do when they first get there as far as to make sure that they don’t have these problems?

Have an Electrician Inspect Everything
First off, I would say do an inspection by call Effective Electric. Home inspectors do a good job, but they are not licensed electricians. They’re mainly going to check out the things that are on the surface. The first thing that I would recommend though to anybody buying a new house, is to reset every breaker because what you’re doing is allowing that breaker to be reset. And once it’s reset, if it’s stuck, you don’t have that situation. It just relieves a lot of thought for the homeowner to have to go back and go, ‘Is this working, or is this not?’ So when you reset it right off the bat, you’re starting off basically fresh.

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