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Electrician for Westchester – Holiday Safety Tips

Electrician for Westchester – Holiday Safety Tips

Here our some electrical holiday safety tips. As with any electrical task, we suggest using a trained professional Westchester Electrician  such as Effective Electric.

Here are some indoor safety tips:

Use only appliances and equipment approved by Underwriters Laboratories (look for the UL listing on the label), or other recognized testing laboratories.

  • Keep all radios, hair dryers and other appliances secured or out of bathrooms. Appliances like hair dryers should never be used near water-filled tubs and sinks. Teach your kids that electricity and water don’t mix.
  • Unplug appliances before you clean them and when they are not in use. Push small appliances to the back of your counters. And make sure you use all three prongs of your electric plugs, and replace worn or frayed cords immediately. Never force a plug into an outlet if it doesn’t fit, and never nail or tack cords to walls or floors.
  • Keep electrical cords away from kids’ reach.
  • Don’t overload electrical outlets. If your TV picture shrinks or flickers when major appliances are turned on, or if fuses or circuit breakers blow frequently, you should have your circuits and wiring checked.
  • Never unplug or carry anything by its cord. And don’t run cords under carpets or furniture; the cords can overheat and or become frayed.
  • Teach your kids not to poke things into electrical outlets, toasters, or any other appliances, whether they’re on or off. Use plug covers or inserts in all your outlets.

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