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Electrician for Westchester – Replacing Damaged Extension Cord Plugs

Electrician for Westchester – Replacing Damaged Extension Cord Plugs

Here our some tips on Replacing Damaged Extension Cord Plugs. As with any electrical task, we suggest using a trained professional such as Effective Electric.

Damaged extension cord plugs should not be used. Typically, extension cords will develop cracks in the outer sheathing of the wire’s insulation or plug problems will occur. A cord plug missing a ground prong is unacceptable and should be replaced.

To do this, take a pair of diagonal pliers and cut the old cord plug from the cord. Strip the cable sheathing back about 1 ½” TO 2″ using a razor knife. Be careful not to cut too deeply. You don’t want to cut into the wire insulation. Now strip the wire insulation back about ½” and expose the copper wire of each of the conductors. The cord is now prepped for the new cord plug.

After prepping the wires, install the new cord plug over the extension cord wires. Now tie an Underwriter’s knot by looping the black and white wires. This prevents the cord from being pulled out of the cord plug.

We’ve all seen that happen when you grab the cord to unplug it from the wall instead of grabbing it from the cord plug itself to remove it from the outlet. Without the Underwriter’s knot, the cord relies on the cable clamp and the connection screws to hold the wires in place. Although the clamp is designed to hold the cable in place, it is not always the case.

Using a screwdriver, loosen the terminal screws on the cord plug. Connect the black wire to the brass terminal, the white wire to the silver terminal, and the green wire to the green screw. Be sure that there are no stray wire hairs sticking out from the connections.

Pull the cord plug cover over the wires and connect the plug to the cover using the screws provided with the plug. There are three screws to tighten. Tighten the cable clamp over the cable using the two screws provided to hold the plug firmly to the cable. The installation is now complete and you once again have a safe and functioning extension cord.

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