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Electrical Panel Installation Armonk NY

Electrical Panel Installation Armonk NY

How much does it cost to upgrade my electric panel?

Most homes today were built with electrical panels that cannot handle the growing electrical demands of modern life, and we are much more dependent on electricity now than we have ever been before. Our big-screen TVs, home alarm systems, device chargers, and appliances are all competing for electrical service that most electrical circuit panels were not installed to handle. The average kitchen full of appliances alone may call for both 120 volt power and 220 volt service. Smart homeowners and business owners in Armonk and surrounding areas rely on Effective Electric to help them increase the capacity of their electric panels to serve all their modern electrical needs and demands.

An electrical circuit panel upgrade is usually not a do-it-yourself project. A licensed professional electrician from Effective Electric is an experienced and knowledgeable tradesman who can upgrade an existing circuit safely and confidently.

A typical electrical panel upgrade involves an increase to 200 amps from its existing capacity and costs can range from $1,500 to $3,000 or more, depending on the individual needs of the client.

The capacity measure for residential electric panels is only 20 to 40 amps; some are wired for up to 100 amps. Even at 100 amps, an electrical panel may not be capable of handling all that is demanded of it. An upgrade to your electrical panel will involve a few steps:

  • Upgraded wiring to code—the wires in the existing circuit may not be rated to carry the new load associated with an upgraded circuit panel and may need to be supplemented or replaced.
  • New electrical panel—a system review by Effective Electric will help determine what size electrical panel is indicated for the service required and the location of the panel.
  • Upgrading of service—an upgrade to your circuit may require your utility company to upgrade your electric meter or service from the street to meet the new demand.
  • New or upgraded access—a new electrical panel may require some carpentry to be performed or drilling for new wires.
  • Subpanels—not every home, business, or facility has just one electrical panel. There may be additional subpanels to the main electrical panel that will need to be reconfigured during an electrical panel upgrade.

Additional costs of the process may include the repair or remediation of any existing or developing electrical issues, ensuring the proper grounding of the circuit with copper wire, and the creation of a schematic that details the new circuit. A professional, licensed, and ensured electrical contractor like Effective Electric are experienced with their customer’s lifestyles and the demands they place on their electrical circuits. An upgraded circuit panel from Effective Electric is a homeowner’s peace of mind that their electrical systems are safe, conform to code, and will meet the electrical needs of the family for many years to come.