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Be Cautious of Electrical Hazards in Westchester NY

Be Cautious of Electrical Hazards in Westchester NY

Our reliance on electricity means that it’s important to learn how to handle it safely. Unfortunately, electrical fires and shocks happen, but if you can be cautious of electrical hazards in Westchester NY, you can prevent them from happening. You can safeguard your Westchester NY home from electrical hazards and still enjoy conveniences of modern day appliances and beautiful light fixtures!

Regarding Water:
Be very careful with outlets and electronics near water. Most people know water and electricity don’t mix, and yet reach for the hair dryer or electric razor after a shower when dripping wet. Don’t touch electrical outlets or appliances when wet, and never reach into water to pull out an appliance that’s plugged in. Electronics should be kept away from sinks, bathtubs, and pools filled with water.

Regarding Electrical Cords:
Do not try and replace permanant wires with extension cords, which are designed for temporary use. Do not cover cords or they could overheat. Keep cords so no one will trip over them, or so pets will not chew on them. Don’t use cords that are damaged or when wires are showing through the outer sheathing. Replace the wire or have a licensed electrician look at them if you’re unsure how to.

Regarding Outlets:
It’s a good idea to put covers on low to the ground outlets to prevent small children or animals to touch or stick things into them (sold in hardware or baby stores).

Regarding Smoke Alarms:
Smoke alarms are such an important safety feature to have in your Westchester NY home, but useless if the batteries are dead. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports around two-thirds of all home fire deaths happen in homes without working smoke alarms. Make sure they’re working each month by pressing the “TEST” button located on the alarm. If your alarm is sounding off a single “beep” at periodic intervals your batteries need to be changed immediately.

Effective Electric licensed electricians can help you implement electrical safety for you and your family in your Westchester NY home. Call us for a free estimate at 914-737-2651 and our electrical contractor will help you to have peace of mind for your family’s safety. For residential and commercial electrical services in the Westchester NY area, call Effective Electric today!