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Electrical Fire Prevention Peekskill NY

Electrical Fire Prevention Peekskill NY

Now that colder weather is here, it’s time to seriously consider making adjustments to ensure your family’s safety and address electrical fire prevention strategies for your Peekskill, NY home. Over 25,000 electrical fires are reported in the United States every year, most of which could have been easily avoided. Having your wires and outlets inspected by a qualified, licensed electrician, especially in an older house, is your first step to safety and well worth doing for peace of mind. But winter is a time for extra precaution due to space heaters and holiday lighting that could lead to potential danger if safety issues are not addressed beforehand. Here are a few things to consider before the winter starts, regarding electrical fire prevention in Peekskill, NY.

Portable Electric Space Heaters
-Check to see it has “UL” (Underwriter’s Laboratories) stamp of approval.
-Make sure it has temperature control and an automatic safety shutoff if the unit tips over.
-Don’t use extension cords to plug in electric heaters. If that absolutely can’t be avoided, get a heavy duty, 12-gauge cord and plug it into a GFCI outlet.
-Place heaters on a solid, flat surface and not on carpeting, rugs or fabric.
-It’s easy to get careless about this, but keep your heater away from flammable items while they’re in use.  At least 3 feet away from all combustibles.
-Never put anything to dry over a heater.
-This is huge and often overlooked, but turn off any space heaters when you’re out of the room or asleep. You’ll save money and sleep better if you invest in a warm blanket and not rely on a heater for that extra warmth while you sleep.

Holiday Lights
Many of our favorite decorations carry the risk of fire or electrical injury if not used carefully. Keep these things in mind now before the holidays begin.
-Purchase only lights that are UL-listed.
-Make sure what’s used outdoors is meant for the outdoors. A green holographic UL mark says, “indoors only, please,” while a red one indicates that the product is safe for both indoor and outdoor use.
-If you need to replace a bulb in a string of lights, make sure to unplug or turn off the lights first, and that the new bulb’s wattage rating matches. Using a bulb with too high a wattage can cause the light string to overheat, creating a fire risk.

Smoke Detectors
Working smoke alarms cut the chance of dying in a fire nearly in half, yet roughly two-thirds of all home fire deaths occur in homes without working smoke alarms, according to statistics from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Many homes aren’t equipped with the appropriate number of alarms, or they may be relying on outdated or nonfunctional devices. Have an experienced electrician install up-to-date reliable smoke alarms in your Peekskill, NY home.

Effective Electric licensed electricians can help you implement safety in time for you to enjoy a worry free winter with your family. Call us for a free estimate at 914-737-2651 and our electrical contractor will help you to have peace of mind for your family’s safety.