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Electric Panel Replacement in Westchester, NY

Electric Panel Replacement in Westchester, NY

Is you electrical panel in need of replacement? For more than 20 years, Effective Electric has served homes and businesses in Westchester, NY. We will supply all of your electrical needs, including electrical panel replacement in Westchester, NY.

Advancement in technology

Think about the advancements in technology that were introduced during the 1900s:

  • refrigerators replaced ice boxes
  • electric lights replaced gas fixtures, candles, and oil lamps
  • kitchens become modern and automated,
  • Television

All these things made life a lot easier and convenient. Still, most or all of these things run on electricity. Yet, in the early part of the 20th century, homes were built with electrical systems that were adequate for the needs placed on them at the time. Since then, many homeowners have had their electrical panels replaced at least once. This is due to the fact that panels were originally equipped with fuses instead of circuit breakers.

The demand for electricity grew from that time as we started using computers, cell phones, and VCRs. Now, there’s electronic devices such as smartphones, game systems, and air conditioners.

We place a lot of demand on your home’s electrical system in Westchester, NY and those demands will only grow as technology advances. Is your home’s electrical system able to handle the load?

Upgrade Electrical Panels

The control panel of your home’s electrical system, more descriptively known as a distribution board or breaker panel, divides the incoming electrical power into circuits, or zones. The feed of electricity to switches and electrical outlets is passed throughout the structure. Each zone is protected by a circuit breaker. This fuse is a trip switch that closes the circuit when too much power is being used or sent through the electrical system. This trip switch helps prevent fires from overheated or overburdened electrical circuits and appliances.

Each trip switch or breaker is rated for a specific upper limit of amperage that would be typical for the usage the circuit would normally experience. The amp demands for these switches may not be sufficient to continue to supply the current circuit. Your electronic devices now require more electricity through the same circuits. Increased demand of electricity that trips the circuit breaker is an abrupt signal that you need an electric panel replacement in Westchester County. It should be done by a qualified, experienced, and licensed electrician.

Electric Panel Replacement in Westchester, NY

Electric panels and circuit breaker switches keep our homes safe from fire and electrical surges. When they work as designed, the typical homeowner never gives their electrical panel a second thought. Until that is, when demand is higher than is safely delivered and a breaker switch closes the circuit. That’s when all the lights go out.

Consider an inspection of your home’s electrical panel and an estimate for an electrical panel replacement in Westchester, NY by Effective Electric. You can trust us to give you a complete, accurate estimate and experienced, detailed and considerate service.

Effective Electric are experts in electrical panel replacement. If you have any questions pertaining to electric generator installation, generator repair, flat screen installation, home theater installation, home theater wiring, pool electrician, landscape lighting, an electrician, and electrical panel replacement in Westchester County, Northern Westchester, and Fairfield County, CT, contact Effective Electric at (914) 737-2651.