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Christmas Lighting Tips for a Safe Holiday in Mt Kisco NY

Christmas Lighting Tips for a Safe Holiday in Mt Kisco NY

Decorating for the holidays is in full swing now that Thanksgiving is over. There are obvious safety precautions to take now that snow has fallen unusually early for these parts. Be extremely careful with slippery areas! But here are some other Christmas Lighting Tips for a Safe Holiday in Mt. Kisco NY.

– Always read and adhere to product safety labels.

-Make sure your power source comes from a GFCI outlet. This type of outlet will shut the circuit off if there is an overload. If you’re not sure call a local Mt. Kisco electrician to help.

-For outside lights and extension cords, always use ones that are meant for outdoor use, and are waterproof or water-resistant with a tag marked underwriters lab (UL). These lights meet national industry standards with the American National Standards Institute.

-Before setting up any Christmas lights, plug them in to make sure all the bulbs are working.

-Replace burned-out bulbs promptly with the same wattage bulbs. Unplug any light strings before changing bulbs.

-Keep extension cord connections above ground and away from snow and water.

-Tape cords where there might be potential walking hazards.

-Don’t let cords be so long that they pile up.

-Don’t overload extension cords.

-Never pull the cord from electrical outlets. Pulling on the cord can damage the cord’s wire and insulation and even lead to an electrical fire.

-Throw out any broken, cracked, frayed or bare wires, loose connections, or damaged lights.

-Turn your lights off when you leave or go to bed at night.

Effective Electric licensed electrical contractors can help you avoid electrical fires or shock that can be caused by inadequate outlets. Have us upgrade your electrical needs so your family can feel safe. Keep your investment protected. Call us for a free estimate at 914-737-2651 and have an electrician in Mt. Kisco NY help you.