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Ceiling Fans Are Trending in Westchester County NY

Ceiling Fans Are Trending in Westchester County NY

Ceiling Fans are a big thing these days in home decoration. There are so many beautiful styles to choose from that they are now becoming the envied center piece to not only a living room, but every room in the house. The gentle airflow a ceiling fan creates and its energy efficiency is now equal to it’s distinctive styling. There are in fact, many designers and manufacturers that specialize in engineering fans with DC motors and integrated LED light kits which significantly reduce energy consumption.

According to the Florida Solar Energy Center, ceiling fans keep you as cool at 79 degrees as you are at 72 without a running ceiling fan. So you can set your thermostat seven degrees higher and save almost 50% on your cooling costs.  More people are finding that the savings in maximizing energy efficiency is huge. It costs only pennies an hour to run a ceiling fan compared to the cost of around 43¢ an hour to run central air, or an air conditioner that cost about 16¢ an hour.

Now that you’re convinced of the benefits of having a ceiling fan in your home, you’ll want to start thinking about what’s now becoming the rage – OUTDOOR ceiling fans! They give summer outside living areas a completed look as well as create added light. An extra bonus is that if you set your fan on a downward draft, it makes it difficult for insects to hang around and interupt your fun!

So now that your psyched to get a gorgeous new ceiling fan, realize that not all are equal. Do your research and also make sure it is energy star qualified. Also, in your research of outdoor ceiling fans you’ll find some are not wet rated and may not work for what you had in mind.

When you’ve finally picked out your beautiful home or outdoor ceiling fan, remember it’s always important to find an experienced electrician to properly install it. Improperly wired fans can cause as many as 26,000 house fires a year according to FEMA, and wobbly and out of balance fans can break from their mountings or throw a blade, potentially injuring those in the vicinity.

The experienced electricians at Effective Electric serving Westchester County, NY, offer a one year warranty on all installations, along with a pledge to use only the safest products available. They’ll leave your home as clean as it was when we arrived. Read the complete Effective Electric Hassle Free Guarantee. Contact them at 914-737-2651 for a free estimate and have ceiling fans installed in time for the warmer weather.