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Bedford – Generators

Bedford – Generators

Were you affected heavily last year by Hurricane Sandy power outages in Bedford, NY, without a generator? Well a storm like that could happen at any time, leaving you powerless for days on end if you don’t own one.  Just hope that there is nothing important you need energy for!

How can a generator help?

It is used to keep your home powered during a power outage or severe storm.  You won’t have to worry about your food going bad or a pitch black home. Your lights will be restored and your food will stay fresh. The best part about it is that they can last a very long time. In the unlikely case that a power outage extends more than a few hours, your generator will be up and running for the duration of the time without a problem.

There are two types of generators to look for:

  • Portable ones are used to recharge specific appliances in your home. They require more hands on work and can be recharged manually.
  • An automatic standby will turn on by itself if there is no power and will turn back on automatically when the power is restored.

By simply buying a generator the team at Effective Electric will install it and solve all your electrical needs.

Effective Electric has been serving Bedford, NY for over two decades, we are a fully licensed electrical contracting firm designed to meet all your wiring needs.

The pros at Effective Electric are skilled in installing generators. If you have any questions pertaining to generator installation/repair, electrical contractor, panel upgrades, electrical violations, electrical storm damage, circuit breaker installation and an electrician in Westchester County, Northern Westchester, and Fairfield County, CT, contact Effective Electric at (914) 737-2651.