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Award-Winning Electrician Near Me

Award-Winning Electrician Near Me

If you are searching for an “award-winning electrician near me,” you are looking for an accomplished professional to handle your electrical needs. Electrical wiring is serious work. Therefore, it is essential to hire the most qualified electrician to handle the job correctly and with integrity.

What Does an Electrician Do?

Electricians are responsible for maintaining and installing electrical systems in both homes and businesses. Sometimes electricians focus on new builds and construction. However, other electricians prefer to work on existing electrical equipment by maintaining or replacing electrical systems. Licensed electricians are knowledgeable about building codes. Also, electricians stay on top of codes as they change over time.

Does Your Electrician Have a License?

It is essential to hire a licensed electrician for many reasons. Electrical issues are sometimes dangerous, and poorly done electrical work causes problems, as well. It is vital to have someone qualified to work with electricity to ensure your home or business remains safe afterward.

Having a license is proof that the technician has the skills to do the work right. Also, electrical work needs a permit from the city. If your technician lacks the proper qualifications and works without getting a permit first, it creates an issue with the insurance companies if something goes wrong. Also, the first item the insurance company may ask for is proof the electrician has the proper credentials.

Finding an Award-Winning Electrician Near Me

At Effective Electric, we believe in customer service, and we will handle your electric projects or problems effectively. We handle both commercial and residential electrical services with a commitment to professionalism and integrity. At Effective Electric, we are a six-person professional team of the best electricians near you. We serve our customers all through Putman, Fairfield, and Westchester counties. Because of our reputation and commitment to customer service and quality work, we win awards year after year.

No matter what your electrical or wiring needs are, we can get the job done carefully and correctly. If you want to find out why Effective Electric is award-winning and has the best-licensed electricians in Westchester, New York, contact Butch at butch@effectiveelectric.net or the office at office@effectiveelectric.net or 914-737-2651.