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Generator Installation Westchester NY

With the increase in major storms, recently, you can never be too careful! Effective Electric can be your light in the dark during a major power outage. As experts in generator installation in Westchester NY, we understand the proper procedure to follow when installing a generator. Where Can I Find Generator Installation in Westchester NY? ...
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Summer Preparations for your Electrical System

Summer is the Most Stressful Time for Your Electrical System  The weather is heating up, and with it, so is the load on your electrical system. Don’t let the stress pile up. Protect your electrical system, and your wallet,  from the stresses of summer with the help of these simple tips! Take a Load Off […]
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Importance of Hiring An Electrician in Westchester NY

We all use electricity for many things on a daily basis. Without it, many of us wouldn’t be able to complete our daily functions. With that in mind, it is important to hire the best electrician in Westchester NY to ensure safety and efficiency for your home. Importance of Hiring An Electrician in Westchester NY […]
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Best Electrician in Westchester NY

Electrician in Westchester NY Full Service Electrical Contractor for Westchester, Putnam, & Fairfield County If your lights go out, generator stops working, or you simply just want something new; you’re going to want an electrician that gives you a fast and affordable experience. Effective Electric in Westchester, NY is the best company to ...
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Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions in Westchester County NY

Are you looking for newer and more modern energy efficient lighting solutions in Westchester NY? Your search ends here with the experts at Effective Electric. We are the leading providers of all lighting solutions for Westchester County homeowners. We always exceed the expectations of our outstanding Westchester customers, and we continue to ...
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Landscape Lighting in Westchester, NY

Are you looking to improve your landscape lighting in the Westchester, NY area? Well look no further than Effective Electric. Effective Electric provides some of the best outdoor lighting installation services throughout Bedford, Armonk, and Pound Ridge. Landscape Lighting Systems in Westchester NY The Value of Landscape Lighting Why have a ...
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Expert Generator Installation Could Save Your Life

Storms can come during any season, but seem to be most unpredictable between fall and winter. As a result, power inside a residence can suddenly stop working. Effective Electric are the go-to company for all of your electrical needs and provide expert generator installation in Westchester NY! Choosing to purchase or have a generator you ...
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Electrical Contractor Mt Kisco

Finding a reliable and talented electrical contractor near Mt Kisco is a daunting task, but it isn’t impossible. Effective Electric has been the premiere electrical contractor servicing Westchester, Putnam, and Fairfield Counties since 2005. Founded by SUNY Delhi graduate Butch Gilbert, Effective Electric boasts professional electricians who ...
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Electrical Contractor Mahopac

How many outlets do I need? If you live in a house that was built sometime before the 1980s, you have probably experienced a lack of available electric outlets to keep your stuff recharged, running, or ready to go. Phones now need to be recharged when they used to be hardwired; cable boxes and DVRs […]
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Choose the Best Electrician Near You!

What makes a good electrician? Qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced electricians like the team at Effective Electric are a valuable friend to businesses and homeowners in Ossining and surrounding areas; electricity is often something that we don’t think about until the lights go out. When the power does go out, because of a natural cause ...
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