Certified Electrician in Westchester – Attic and Whole House Fans

 ATTIC AND WHOLE HOUSE FANS – Save $ on air-conditioning WHOLE HOUSE FANS Many people use whole house fans as an alternative to air-conditioning. A whole house fan is most effective when outside air temperatures are below 82ºF. It brings a cooling breeze in through the windows of the home and cools more efficiently than an […]
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Westchester Electrician offers Safety Tips for your home

Certified Electrician in Westchester passes on some SAFETY TIPS for your home: The following dos and don’ts are everyday tips that will hopefully serve as reminders of electrical safety basics that will help keep your home and family safe. CORRECT WATTAGE • Do check that every lamp in every fixture is the correct wattage. A lamp with ...
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Westchester Electrician talks about New Safety Device – AFCI's

Westchester Electrician talks about New Safety Device – AFCI’s.  Problems in home wiring, like arcing and sparking, are associated with more than 40,000 home fires each year. These fires claim over 350 lives and injure 1,400 victims annually. A new electrical safety device for homes, called an arc fault circuit interrupter or AFCI, ...
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